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How to Stay Productive and on Task When Traveling for Work​​​​​​​
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New TSA Scanning Tech Will Let You Keep Laptops in Your Bag

New technology coming to U.S. airports will let you keep your laptop inside your carry-on luggage when you go through a security checkpoint.

The Transportation Security Administration will install the new X-ray scanning systems across all U.S. airports in the coming years, starting with a $97 million contract it awarded to a supplier, a TSA spokeswoman told PCMag.

Existing baggage scanners only work in two dimensions. However, the new computed tomography or CT scanners can make out the electronics that sit inside your baggage by rendering the X-rayed images in 3D, which can then be rotated 360 degrees. 

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Struggling to Balance Your Business and Your Family? Here Are 11 Ways to Do Both

Some entrepreneurs sacrifice everything to build their business. They eschew relationships, forego friends, and spend all of their time focusing on getting the bigger deal, raising the next round, and securing the next partnership. However, that model is quickly becoming outdated.

Here are 11 techniques that my clients have used to find creative ways to work hard on their business while staying connected and committed to their spouses and kids and also true to their core values and personal priorities.

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9 Ways to Maximize Your Business Conference Experience

Attending a business trip conference can be a boost to your professional clout. But it can also be nerve-racking as you try to prepare to make the most out of the experience. After that initial excitement fades, you're left with a lot of uncertainty about what to pack, do, or say so that you make a good impression and build your network.

I've attended my fair share of conferences and learned some helpful strategies along the way. Some of these lessons were learned the hard way. Here's my list of tips I've picked up along the way that have helped me to stress less and use my time more efficiently.

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