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United Airlines Improves Prepaid Travel Program for Individuals, Corporate Customers
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Technology, Planning Help Travelers Stay Safe, Healthy
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FedEx Can Now Get You a Passport in as Little as 24 Hours
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How Much Should You Tip Room Service
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7 Top Travel Tips for Women

For women planning a trip abroad, the days of overstuffing a clunky backpack with non-essentials and improvising food and shelter on the go are best left in the rear view.

Especially for women ages 50 and up, making travel plans should include concessions for safety and convenience, to ensure that an exciting adventure doesn’t become a complicated nightmare.

The process of planning a trip has never included so many options.  Solo travel for women is on the rise and simultaneously it appears, so is traveling with other women. Whether it’s a solo journey or a group experience, there’s a hunger for new experiences.

Unfortunately, these trips can be easily derailed by suspect planning and a lack of common sense. 

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10 Travel Warnings Other Countries Have Issued About Visiting the US

The US Department of State issues travel advisories regarding the safety, health, laws, and customs of other countries. Other countries do the same for the US.

While some cultural differences between the US and other countries can make for amusing moments of confusion when traveling abroad, other misunderstandings can carry more serious legal consequences.

Here's what 10 countries want their citizens to know about traveling in the US.

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Travel Tips for Introverts

Some of us, when we travel, can talk a dog off a meat wagon. Chatting up strangers at the bar and shaking hands left and right, we might as well be running for office.

Not so for introverts. As one of Post’s readers expressed it in a recent email, “Extroverts are solar powered, and need the outside world to recharge. Introverts are battery powered, and need to go within to recharge.” What’s the correct etiquette when dealing with one of this world’s many, many traveling extroverts? Post weighs in:

How do you politely ask for peace and quiet if you’re seated next to a chatterbox?

“Directly. You do have to be direct: ‘You know, I need to be quiet for a little bit, I have a busy week ahead.’ 

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