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Flying in Winter Weather

Cold weather disruptions are a real pain and it’s a major annoyance when you have unexpected delays after a full day of meetings. In winter months, when making your plane reservations, you must factor in the weather. On days you may have to deal with weather issues, you want to avoid taking the first or last flight out because they have highest probability of being cancelled. When you have to travel for business in the winter, consider a few of my insider secrets before you decide on your itinerary.

The Aircraft You Want to Fly in Winter

Some people may not realize how important selecting the right aircraft is in your decision-making when booking flights. If you’re flying from a major airport to a small town, the chances of a regional jet or prop plane taking off in heavy weather is slim. 

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The Big Apple Turns Sour: Why are New York’s Airports So Bad?

Overall passenger satisfaction at US airports has increased in recent years, but several new surveys show that travellers using New York’s three airport hubs are routinely dissatisfied with their experience and rate them as the worst in the country. From inadequate infrastructure to poor facilities, what are the main issues infuriating flyers and what measures are underway to address them?

New York is considered among the few elite, truly global cities in the world. Yet travellers in and out of the Big Apple, as it is affectionately known, are often left with a bad taste in their mouth.

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Enterprise:  More Than Just a Car Rental Company

Q: What should a new member to your loyalty program know?

A: The Emerald Club is our award-winning loyalty program for corporate accounts. Even though it started as a National program, it now operates for both Enterprise and National brands. An important thing to know about the program is that every rental leads to preferred status. As with most loyalty programs, the higher your status, the quicker you earn free days, are guaranteed an upgrade and availability with proper notification.

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