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Airports and the TSA are Gearing up for the Real ID deadline. You should be, too

Take a look at your driver’s license.  Go ahead, we’ll wait while you fish it out of your wallet.

If your driver’s license doesn’t have a star in the upper corner of the card, then your license is not Real ID compliant. And if you're planning to take a domestic commercial flight any time after Oct 1, 2020, you’ll need to take action, make some decisions or wait for your state to get its act together.

What’s Real ID?

The Real ID Act is legislation passed in 2005 (in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks) that set new and higher minimum security standards for the driver’s licenses and identification cards that will be accepted at airports, other federally regulated facilities and nuclear power plants.

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Why You Should Avoid Doing These 3 Things When Traveling Abroad for Work

"Why can't they just speak English here?" I heard another American exclaim at a conference abroad. I sighed and reminded them that they were in another country with a different culture and should leave the entitlement at home.

Sadly, this is not a once in a lifetime occurrence. From criticizing the culture to whining about the lack of at home luxuries, I have seen many business travelers make huge faux pas while traveling. 

Here's are three things you should keep in mind when traveling across borders. 

1. Attempt to learn the language to network.

When you go to a new country, don't expect locals to speak your language. I'll be the first to attest that learning a new language is hard. 

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Business Travel Etiquette:  Appropriate Spending Habits for Work Trips

There’s one question that almost always arises when it comes to business travel etiquette: can I put that on the company card?

One of the more nuanced aspects of work travel is spending. What luxuries are consistent with proper business travel etiquette, and what’s going overboard? AppZen, an automated expense software, has some ideas of how to answer that. In a January 2019 report, they look beyond accommodation and transportation, featuring unusual expenses from the last quarter and how company policies can affect road warrior habits.

What NOT to charge

AppZen studied the spending reports of close to 1,000 companies, concentrating their efforts to the previous quarter. One aspect of their findings reveals what they call “high risk” expenses. 

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