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TSA Prepared for Summer Travelers with Updated Security Procedures
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How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue While Working From Home

The global pandemic has caused a massive shift in how most people live their lives. Schools and universities have postponed or cancelled examinations, employees have started to work from home, and social distancing has become the norm. As a result of these abrupt changes and strict restrictions, in-person interactions have come to a grinding halt.

Understandably, the situation has led to the rise of video calls. After all, video calls allow us to hear and see other people – and this is the closest we can get to face-to-face interactions at this time. Virtual dinners, family nights, catch-ups, and game nights are now possible thanks to video-conferencing platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and FaceTime. Even at the workplace, video calls have become a necessity. 

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Four Ways Travel Habits Can Help Organize Your Home Life

Due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic or subsequent free fall of the transportation, hospitality and tourism industries, it may be some time before many people feel comfortable resuming their travel habits from previous years. Those who travel regularly for work or leisure, however, may have built up behaviors and best practices to make life on the road a little more tolerable — and there’s no need to let those hard won lessons go to waste.

Even when encased in the confines of your own home, these travel tips can help organize you and your loved ones — as well as break up some of the daily unchanging nature of your existing routine. 

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Americans Still Banned from Travel to European Union Countries

The European Union has extended its travel ban on Americans as COVID-19 infections continued to rise across the United States.

The EU late last week said that Americans would still be banned for at least another two weeks, until the EU gathers again to determine which countries would be included, or excluded, from its travel list.

Since the EU began lifting travel restrictions outside the bloc on July 1, visitors from 14 countries, including Canada, South Korea, and Australia, were approved to travel to the bloc. The U.S. was left off the initial list, and has since been excluded because of COVID-19 infection rates in the country.

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