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The Best Type of Mask to Wear on a Plane

If you're planning to fly during the pandemic, it will be essential that you wear a face covering. Not just for health reasons, but because every major airline is requiring it, according to Afar. The rules went into effect in May, and while most people comply, there have been instances of people being removed from planes because they refused to wear a mask (via USA Today).

But what does that mean? Can you wear a face shield or does it have to be a mask? Recently, on Allegiant Air, a man was removed from the flight following a fight with fellow passengers, according to CBS News. 

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Business Travel Article 2

Self-Help Tips For Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has brought with it feelings of uncertainty and fear, leading to an escalation of your anxiety.

Additionally, everyone around you, your extensive network of friends and family, are all equally affected, some more so than others. No one has been left completely unscathed by the pandemic.

Thirdly you still have to deal with the ‘winter blues,’ feeling low at this time each year. Depressive symptoms or feeling down can include losing interest in activities you usually enjoy, sleep problems and social withdrawal. With the pandemic, these symptoms may become exacerbated as you cannot lead your everyday life.

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Business Travel Article 3

How Self-Love Boosts Job Performance and Career Success

Many people say February is hands-down the most depressing time of year. The days are short, it’s cold and gloomy and people tend to isolate from inclement weather and now self-distance from the coronavirus. With winter in full swing, a recent study conducted by Onepoll on behalf of Vida Health, showed that 62% of respondents said they usually feel more depressed this time of year with a third (32%) saying it’s consistently the worst season for their mental health.

But February is also known as the month of love—a time to remember the importance of love and compassion toward others as well as yourself. 

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