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Travelers will face new restrictions and cancellations as coronavirus cases grow in the US

Travelers entering the United States will face new protocols as cases of novel coronavirus grow around the world.

The US is expanding travel restrictions from Iran and heightening a travel advisory for certain regions of South Korea and Italy, Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday. Meantime, President Trump in a tweet on Sunday announced new screening procedures for people traveling from "high-risk countries."

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All Your Coronavirus Travel Questions Answered

Should I cancel my trip because of coronavirus?

It depends—primarily on where you’re planning to travel, but on other factors, too. The virus has spread to dozens of countries and every continent except for Antarctica, with the total sure to rise. But government agencies are warning against travel to only a handful of destinations. The U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are advising people not to visit China, the center of the outbreak, and the CDC has issued the same type of Level 3 alert (“avoid all nonessential travel”) for South Korea, Italy and Iran, where the highest number of cases outside of China have been diagnosed. 

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How to Disinfect Your Space on an Airplane

When a video of Naomi Campbell cleaning her airplane seat and wearing a mask and gloves was shared online last year, it made the rounds because her behavior seemed exaggerated. (“Clean everything you touch,” Ms. Campbell said in the video.)

Major airlines, including Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, say they clean their planes to varying degrees between flights, and that plane cleanliness is a priority.  But some travelers, including apparently Ms. Campbell, prefer the comfort of knowing they’ve also taken measures of their own to sanitize their airplane space.

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