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Delta Announces Two Skymiles Enhancements
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9 Credit Cards That Cover the Cost of TSA PreCheck and Global Entry
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Air France-KLM Names First Female CEO
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Why You Should Never Swap Seats on a Plane

Sometimes, our staff gets really riled up about travel etiquette. In fact, a dispute over whether or not you should take your shoes off on a flight is what prompted this debate series in the first place. (Things got personal.) Since then, we've taken sides over airplane food, reusing your hotel towel, and whether toddlers should be allowed in business class.

We also had a spirited head-to-head debate last year about how far courtesy extends on a flight—namely, if you should feel obligated to give up your seat if someone asks. Should you really be expected to move for that couple who wants to sit together but didn't book (or check-in) on time to do so? 

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When Will the Airline Mask Mandate End? 21 States Challenging the Requirement

The federal airplane mask mandate is set to expire April 18, but the airline industry and 21 US states say that it should end sooner. The requirement was originally instituted on President Joe Biden's first day in office via executive order and has since been extended three times. 

On March 23, Airlines for America, an industry association that includes the top seven US airlines, sent an open letter to Biden asking him to end masking and international predeparture testing requirements. The organization said that the rules "no longer make sense in the current public health context" and that "science clearly supports lifting the mask mandate."

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We Use Waze For Driving, And Now U.S. Airlines Have The Same Option

Whether you use Google Maps, Waze, or another gps-based map app, you know that this improves your driving experience. That’s because in addition to finding the best ways to get from one place to another, they also monitor traffic and other road conditions so that you don’t get stuck in a long wait because of roadwork or an accident. Many drivers have become dependent on these services, and undoubtedly time and gas usage have been saved as a result.

Now, thanks to a clever and well-designed software program called Flyways AI, commercial airlines can benefit from this same kind of technology. The results are shorter flight times, less fuel used, and overall more efficient routings. 

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