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2022:  A Year in Review
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Why Reclining Seats are Vanishing From Airplanes
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This Cruise Line Is Going All In On Pickleball
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World Travel Guides
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Business Travel News - Travel Leaders Network

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Travel Leaders Has Proof That the Use of Travel Advisors Has Risen

Twenty percent of leads coming through come from consumers who have worked with an advisor, Travel Leaders Group chief marketing officer Stephen McGillivray said during a Travel Leaders Network media update this week. That is a 30% increase in new-to-advisor leads compared to before the pandemic. 

In 2022, the website delivered 214,345 leads to advisors, up 40% compared to the year prior. Thus far, in January, is already up 72% compared to the leads received in January 2022, McGillivray said.

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Delta’s Accelerated Sustainability Flight Plan

Beyond the pure wonder of it, air travel shatters barriers that once seemed insurmountable. It brings together people and cultures from the furthest corners of the world, broadening our collective experiences and building understanding. At Delta, we see travel as a noble force for good – and the miracle of flight is helping us to better understand the far-reaching impacts of climate change.  

Aviation continues to make technological advancements, yet the need for jet propulsion and fossil fuels makes it among the most challenging sectors to decarbonize. The very core of our business – flying – accounts for 98% of an airline’s carbon footprint.  

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Report Ranks America’s 15 Safest (And Most Dangerous) Cities For 2023

Although data shows that violent crime rates dropped in cities across the United States last year, crime is an increasing concern among many Americans—whose fears are only likely to grow with incidents like the recent spike in mass shootings. As of January 31, 2023, there have been 52 mass shootings, according to Gun Violence Archive—a massive increase over the same time period in 2022 when there were 34 shootings.

For the third year in a row, MoneyGeek—a personal finance technology company—has issued a list of the most dangerous cities in the US, as well as the safest cities in America. It’s a helpful report to consider, whether you’re traveling or just a concerned citizen.

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